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Total Consumer Experience is based on the idea that we all share the same human needs. At Dot Kite, we believe these needs are subject to mood, competing with each other at an individual and societal level.

Although our needs stay the same over time, the things that influence them change. These are our desires. Now and in the future, successful brands will have to fulfill our needs, rather than impose themselves upon us. They have to anticipate, interpret and create desire.

We gain insight into Total Consumer Experience by engaging with bleeding edge innovators and expert minds. People with their fingers on the pulse of change. People sowing the seeds of the future now. By bringing their expertise together, we’re able to create a 360-degree future landscape for brands.

Total Consumer Experience is a unique combination of strategic communication and design services delivered by our focused and highly skilled multidisciplinary team. We would like to invite you to be part of this team, working together to develop the best possible experiences.