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There are 32 teams competing in the 2010 World Cup finals in South Africa. Each team has a unique uniform or kit with the shirts being the most defining factor. In this post, we will have a look at the home shirts for each of the 32 team in alphabetical order, with the exception of New Zealand for which we have the away jersey.

Generally speaking, the shits have some common aspects such as the football association emblem that is usually near the left shoulder, the manufacturing brand that is usually found in the center or near the right shoulder, and of course the national colors. Read on to find out about subtle details and common trends uncovered for this year’s world cup.

World Cup Home Jersey | Algeria
The Algerian shirt features its national colors, white, green, and red. Their away shirt has a dominant green while this one is dominantly white. Red remains as an underrepresented color. Furthermore, passive detailing is shown on the right shoulder with the depiction of a desert fox. This passive detailing on the right shoulder is shared with the jerseys of Cameroon, Ghana, and the Ivory Coast.

World Cup Home Jersey | Argentina
Not much can be said about Argentina’s 2010 World Cup shirt other than the notion that its appearance is quite traditional for this country’s team. Yellow seen on the jersey is also depicted in the center of the Argentinean flag, which is predominately sky blue and white, as are the football team’s shirts.

World Cup Home Jersey | Australia
The Australian shirt has a fairly straightforward design with simple lines incorporating the green and yellow colors associated with the country. This is in spite of the fact that their flag is predominately blue. Their away shirt, however, does feature blue as the main color, but otherwise has the same design.

World Cup Home Jersey | Brazil
Even though the Brazilians are renowned for having a great football team, their jerseys have remained very similar over the year. A simple, little changed design does not mean the jersey is bad. In any case, the national colors are featured with the away shirt being predominately blue. What is remarkable about the Brazilian shirt is that this is the only one of all Nike jerseys represented at the 2010 World Cup that does not have a single, horizontal stripe on each sleeve.

World Cup Home Jersey | Cameroon
The colors of Cameroon’s flag are features; green, red, and yellow. Furthermore, you can see a lion appear twice, once on the left shoulder and also on the right shoulder as a slightly hidden aspect of this jersey. The jersey’s intense colors are accented by red shorts and red/yellow socks to complete their home kit.

World Cup Home Jersey | Chile
Chile’s new shirt is simply red, but it does have a specially designed collar for the back of the neck. This feature is shared with a few other jerseys in one way or another. What is different compared the previous shirt is that some white trim is left out in this design. Another point about this shirt is that it is the only one in this world cup by the manufacturer Brooks.

World Cup Home Jersey | Denmark
The most noticeable change to Denmark’s new shirt for the 2010 World Cup is the band of white strips that go across the torso. Other than that, the shirt features Denmark’s colors; red and white.

World Cup Home Jersey | England
Their new shirts have a slightly changed design and appear to be similar to those they wore when they won the World Cup in 1966. When then whole kit is seen, it is even more remarkable because the shorts are also white. Their red away shirt, which features the same design, seems to be more popular amongst fans.

World Cup Home Jersey | France
Besides the predominance of the color blue and the white stripes at the top, the shirt looks totally different from their previous one. They even have a new logo on the left side of the chest area.

World Cup Home Jersey | Germany
The German jersey for the 2010 World Cup has strict lines and is thus different from the previous one in that sense. Their away kit is distinctive in that the design is different and that a there is a line that flows continuously from the shirt to the shorts.

World Cup Home Jersey | Ghana
Ghana’s home shirt does not feature the colors of its flag other than in its logo. It’s away kit on the other hand, does feature red, yellow and green. As with a few other African nations, Ghana’s jersey has subtle detailing on the right shoulder where a star can be seen, which is also in the center of the country’s flag.

World Cup Home Jersey | Greece
One thing that sticks out about the Greek kit for 2010, besides the design being renewed, is that the home and away kits have the blue and white colors inverted except for the logo, which stays the same on both shirts. What is also worth mentioning is that the shorts are the same color as the shirts, which is not often the case with national teams.

World Cup Home Jersey | Honduras
Honduras is the only team to have shirts by Joma. Their shirts are fairly straightforward with the away jersey having vertical black lines for further accentuation. Like with Greece, their entire uniform (from socks to shirts) is predominately white for home and blue for away matches.

World Cup Home Jersey | Italy
What is remarkable about the shirt for the Italian team is that it has unpretentious detailing on the entire torso part. They had this during the previous world cup, but it has been redesigned for 2010. There is now also a white stripe on each sleeve and the three colors of the Italian flag are moved from the right side of the torso to around the newly designed collar.

World Cup Home Jersey | Ivory Coast
One thing that is striking about the shirt of the Ivory Coast is that the green trim at tne end of the sleeves does not appear to be the same shade of green that is found on the logo. In any case, the right shoulder of this jersey features an elephant in a subtle way. This animal is also found in the logo on the other shoulder.

World Cup Home Jersey | Japan
Like with the Italian jersey, the Japanese one for the 2010 World Cup features passive detailing on the whole of the torso. Even though the flag is red and white, Japan has always had predominately blue and white kits. Anyhow, the jersey does feature red in the upper center of the jersey, the color that is also in the center of their national flag.

World Cup Home Jersey | Mexico
The jersey players of the Mexican team will don for the 2010 World Cup is different from that of its previous one. The white bar across the chest has been removed and the new shirt features more detailing around the arms. A unique feature is that Mexico’s jersey has a line around the bottom.

World Cup Home Jersey | The Netherlands
The 2010 home jersey the Dutch team will wear for the world cup does not appear to be changed much. Their away kits have seen the most changes in recent years. What appears to be different about the latest home jersey is that the colors of the flag are omitted and that black is used to accentuate the jersey.

World Cup Away Jersey | New Zealand
It seems as if most of the commotion around New Zealand’s jersey (or whole kit for that matter) is the one used for away games, which is pictured here. The home shirt is white while the away jersey is black, making people think of their famous rugby team. This team has a very simple design with only a stripe on each sleeve besides the normal objects such as the producer of the shirts and the country’s football association logo.

World Cup Home Jersey | Nigeria
Nigeria’s shirts for the 2010 World Cup are predominately green with white detail. The reverse is the case for the away shirts. The two colors represent the colors on Nigeria’s national flag. In both the home and away shirts, there are lines that is designed to flow into their respective shorts.

World Cup Home Jersey | North Korea
In a friendly match against Mexico, it was noticeable that North Korea had kits by a new brand, namely Prima. It is unclear if this will be what they will wear during the World Cup, but as far as this kit goes (which has not been officially released), it is red with some white detailing.

World Cup Home Jersey | Paraguay
The new jersey for Paraguay features only two stripes on the front, while the old one had more that went farther up the shirt. The collar is also different as are the sleeves. The new jersey features sleeves with white stripes that are broken up with a red area in between.

World Cup Home Jersey | Portugal
The biggest difference with Portugal’s new shirt is the green bar across the chest area. The previous design had green elements elsewhere. This shirt also features a green stripe on each sleeve, whereas older versions had green stripes along the edges of the torso and on the collar.

World Cup Home Jersey | Serbia
The first thing that I see when I look at Serbia’s 2010 red jersey is the white cross that is off of center. Serbia’s previous shirts did not feature this symbol. The white cross is a part of its national football association logo. The blue stripes on the sleeves accent the home shirt’s associated blue shorts.

World Cup Home Jersey | Slovakia
Slovakia’s new 2010 World Cup shirt is simplified compared to its previous jersey. This one does not have the extra white stripe starting from the neck and going out along the bottom part of each sleeve. The collar, however, is white in the new version and there are distinctive, thin white stripes along the torso and across each sleeve to help it stand out.

World Cup Home Jersey | Slovenia
Since the qualifications for the previous world cup, many things have changed with Slovenia’s 2010 jersey. Since then, the national association has a newly designed logo, and the jersey is totally redesigned. The torso features a unique jagged, green stripe, making the jersey easily identifiable. Green is also not a color on its national flag, nor is yellow which is used on their away shirts, but these colors have consistently been used to represent the country’s team.

World Cup Home Jersey | South Africa
The colors of the home jersey South Africa will don for the 2010 World Cup are the same as usual, but the design of the shirt is different for the event. Its most distinctive feature is the collar. It seems to correlate with the mascot of the event with freckle/spot-like details on it.

World Cup Home Jersey | South Korea
The background curved dark markings on South Korea’s new jersey have a profound presence, much more so than background markings/details on other jerseys at the tournament. The logo of the national football association also appears to be much larger than on previous uniforms.

World Cup Home Jersey | Spain
At the last world cup, Spain’s shirts had thin yellow strips along the front of the torso. They were left out of the most recent design, which is even different from what they wore only a few months ago for qualification matches. The blue on the home jersey is also new for 2010, but it appears to be a different blue from what is used for their away shirts.

World Cup Home Jersey | Switzerland
Switzerland also has a new design for their 2010 appearance at the world cup. Their previous shirt was more standard-like, while this one has some short, curved white lines on it. The red on the uniform appears to be slightly different than the red on the flag. Their away shirt appears to have a slightly different design (besides having white as the main color) and a different collar.

World Cup Home Jersey | Uruguay
There are a few changes in Uruguay’s shirt over the past few years. This home shirt for the 2010 World Cup features white as a secondary color instead of black and depictions of the sun in the background. This depiction is also a part of Uruguay’s national flag. One of the later things people would notice is the small tan stripe on each side of the lower torso.

World Cup Home Jersey | The United States
The USA’s 2010 football jerseys are redesigned, but like the new ones for England, appear to have a retro influence. They have a band from the right shoulder to the left hip, which is similar to what they had in 1950. The band is similar to their previous shirts that had a broken horizontal one across the torso for the home shirt and a vertical one on the left side for the away jersey.

Each team participating in the 2010 World Cup in South Africa has a newly designed uniform, and shirt in particular. We can see two trends such as subtle background designs on the right shoulder and over the whole torso on some jerseys, and the presence of a horizontal stripe on each sleeve of shirts by Nike (with the exception of Brazil’s jersey). Another design element that we noticed is that Adidas’s three stripes are on the top of each sleeve for each jersey produced by them.

What do you think about the design of the new jerseys? Do you see any other trends or striking design elements? Do you have a favorite design of these 32 jerseys?

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