Why Design a Website?

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You probably know that people get a lot of information from the web nowadays. Did you know, however, that initial customer interaction with a company is via websites 90% of the time? That means 9 out of 10 people get information about your company not through their family, friends, peers, or via spam they get in the mail or advertising the see all around, but through company websites. That is why you should have a website in the first place. Why then, would someone delve into yours?

In order to get someone intrigued and willing to look further than your homepage, you must do many things. Your website must be clear, have a good overview, be to the point, and be easily navigable. Moreover, it should be free from hindrances such as screens you have to click through or flash animations. Ask yourself: does it add value? If not, then leave it out.

Another thing to keep in mind is that not everyone has the best internet connection or uses the same web browser. Compatibility is thus important. If someone cannot see your website, or if it takes so long to load that the user exits hastily, then having the best design is of no use.

It may sound obvious, and it is, but you must include basic contact information. If a potential customer has no way of contacting your for besides trying to find your information in the yellow pages, then you have done a great disservice to your customer who will look to the competition.

Furthermore, if you had a state of the art website, it does not mean it’s still good. Websites must be continually adjusted and updated to surpass standards and demands. Why surpass them? If your website is standard, then the first impression (which is made in the blink of an eye) will not be impressive and the customer will choose a different firm. As Steve Jobs once stated, “innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower.”

To make your website even better, start a conversation. Do you agree?

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