What kind of service is considered luxury?

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The answer to this question may seem obvious: if I’m paying a premium, I must be served well. However, it has a few layers of complexity.

Take for example, the elite restaurants, bars and lounges of the world. You are declined a reservation unless you have the right connections, or unless you book months in advance. Yet the premium price tag stays. A clear example of such an Intimidation policy that still attracts customer after customer is the legendary Hotel Costes on Faubourg Saint-Honoré in Paris where the waitresses are known for their unfriendly attitude. However, customers tend to feel so privileged just to be in the establishment that paying a premium price for a cocktail and enduring long waiting times doesn’t seem to be an issue.

Another approach that many luxury establishments use is Seduction – they seduce you with lush décor, exquisite food and drink, and an opulent touch for all the senses. Being in such an ambience takes the customer to another world, and they find such a escape to be an ultimate definition of luxury.

Finally, a third approach that is commonly seen is that of Facilitation. Convenience of the utmost kind can be also be considered luxury. Take for example, room service at a 5 or even 4 star hotel, where, for a rather premium price, you are typically served an average level meal. However, the convenience of not leaving your room after a long day’s work is worth it.

In order to understand whether to use one of the aforementioned approaches, or one of many others, it is important to know what your luxury customer wants and looks for, and then provide this accordingly. It is also important to adhere to the type of image you wish your business to portray.

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