What happened to unique hotel experiences?

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Nowadays, there is a trend that sees hotels and even hotel chains being purchased by private equity firms. These firms hire third parties to operate the hotels. Everything is being outsourced to a diverse selection of firms. Even though one may think they are staying at a certain brand of hotel, it may be owned by a third party who hires say five other companies to do the service, catering, spa treatments, management, and bar. It is becoming increasingly complicated from a strategic to an operational point of view.

This is all done to save money, and ultimately, to generate more profits for the private equity firms and their stakeholders. There are still private hotels left, though, and most of them provide arrangements throughout the hotel with of design continuity. This is the total opposite of boring hotel chains owned by private equity firms who save money instead of delivering a quality design and experience.

The hotels that provide or strive to provide something with design continuity and a common theme in mind are usually boutique hotels. Nowadays, however, corporate chains are also creating their own boutique hotels. One could say that is diminishes the love and attention to detail that make boutique hotels unique.

The Total Consumer Experience (TCE) starts with the first impression and perfectly incorporates integration of design into every detail in, for example:

Strategic Branding
Communication Design
Branding Applications Design
Streamlined Service Design
Online Design and Development
Interior Design

Together, this ends up leaving a lasting impression. People come to hotels for many reasons and from many cultural backgrounds, but a well designed hotel will generate its own business once its image has made a solid, positive impact.

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