What comes after Best Hotel Design?

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Total Consumer Experience (TCE) design is nothing without Total Quality Management (TQM). Without TQM, the effects of TCE are diminished. Total Consumer Experience is about perfecting every detail of a customer’s experience. TQM is about managing this experience from strategic to operational levels. Designing a perfectly tailored Total Consumer Experience (TCE) is what Dot Kite excels at. Cases from their website attest to this.

After Total Consumer Experience has been implemented at any given company, that company needs to follow through with TQM. This means doing everything to keep the essence of TCE because the more intrigued and delighted possible customers are, the more often they return. TQM should most certainty be as detailed as the Total Consumer Experience (TCE) design.

An example from the hospitality sector concerns return guests. Do people return to TCE Boutique hotels after having a perfect experience? Possibly. Will people return to such hotels after not having any given piece of property returned? Definitely not!

These people will lament about their friends, family, and colleagues whenever the subject comes up; ‘yes, I remember the time when the people at that hotel lost my watch. I’ll never go there again.” This is word of mouth at its height, which is widely accepted as being one of the most common and powerful ways of getting information out to new potential customers.

People will not recall Total Consumer Experience (TCE) design without TQM. Returning to the example, an unsatisfied guest will not remember a hotel’s masterful design flowing through every detail from uniforms and wine glasses to it’s layout and structure, they will remember that one personal belonging that never returned to them.

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