Twitter, its design past, present and future


Design in Amsterdam, Tokyo, London, New York, Paris, Buenos Aires; in various disciplines and modules, with national and/or international influences, aiming at a local and/or global impact. Similarities and differences, with one definite common approach: our effort to feed potential customers, media professionals, art lovers, entrepreneurs, amateur and professional designers with the latest development on our work. Did I say feed? Well, someone with the basic knowledge on online social networking should already shout loud: TWEET!

True. Twitter is one of our basic online partners. But what about twitter’s design? Definitely, I appreciate simplicity. Definitely, I do not think that there is anyone with the basic standards of aesthetics that liked the initial twitter’s appearance, launched in 2006, only 3 years ago. As every year, 2006 was a year of design innovations, design repetitions, industry progression and regression, success and failure stories. You name the Twitter case. For me, its initial design spotlights the following; standing alone or in combination:
- budget constraints
- low expectations
- low design quality standards
- scarcity in designers..

What is more, an interesting phenomenon is the blowout of numerous twitter-related applications and websites e.g. tweetdeck, twitter counter, twibs, just-tweet-it etc. Undeniably, a great way to increase popularity. Though, this leads to numerous twitter-related logos, mottos and so on, resulting to a diverse brand misconception.

Although twitter’s redesigns advanced its brand image, there is still a lot of room for improvement. With twitter gaining significant popularity, its users will sooner or later need an innovative, more strong and attractive brand identity. Although in twitter’s case it sounds logical to invest more in the technical development, any organization that wants to preserve a concrete identity, unique brand recognition, targeting to higher-quality and respecting its clientel’s aesthetics, needs to invest in design. Design has its unique and essential role in any business success story; or at least, this is the way we think and act at Dot Kite.

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