The WOW Factor


It is common knowledge that in order to be successful in business, promises to customers have to be delivered. But what differentiates offering more satisfaction from being able to create a lasting, positive impact, also known as the “wow factor”?

One of the key ways to achieving this is to ensure that you are giving your customers that little extra something. This can be accomplished by simple CRM or better yet, by ensuring that you’re providing Total Consumer Experience (TCE). To put it simply, this means that you are going above and beyond your core offering; you are placing your product or service into a neat package that makes the whole experience of dealing with your business, a remarkable one.

Total Consumer Experience (TCE) attempts abound around us. Take an everyday example, restaurants located in department stores; this turns a shopping experience into an afternoon destination. It includes an experience where you stroll leisurely through each floor, consider purchases, then stop for lunch and a glass of wine before continuing with your purchases. Although this once wowed customers, it has now become more of a norm.

A recent and excellent example of Total Consumer Experience (TCE) is the new Louis Vuitton store, which opened last week on luxurious Bond Street in London. The store goes far beyond displaying the brand’s ready-to-wear, handbags and other accessories. It is a full-on sensory experience; from art displays (Jeff Koons, Damien Hirst) to a book store featuring art and photography publications, to well-dressed, well-trained staff, immaculate lighting, moving drawers, floating LV planets, and finally an “apartment” on the top floor for VIP guests. Visitors have been completely blown away – they have been wow-ed; rather tastefully, I might add.

To give customers that unforgettable experience, it all comes down to the peripheral details, not just your actual product or service.

What kind of Total Consumer Experience (TCE) will wow your customers?

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