The intricacies involved in Service Design


The Services industry has several stakeholders – manufacturers, suppliers, retailers, sales personnel in a retail environment; in a hospitality environment, staff members that one faces, but also behind-the-scenes staff such as chefs & cleaners, & in both cases, the customer, of course.

Unsurprisingly, lately Service Design & Interaction Design are garnering more & more attention, particularly given today’s competitive landscape. While Interaction Design refers to managing the interaction between product & customer, Service Design deals with all possible touch points, including staff, retailers & so on, as mentioned earlier. Service Design in other words, deals with organizing service processes, infrastructure & resources in order to offer a high-quality experience – from beginning to end…& beyond.

I noted a few understated factors recently from a speech given by Jamie Hegeman, a Service Design expert, based at Nokia Design.

-Providing an aesthetically pleasing experience – Lighting, amount of sunlight in the space, smells, uniform, hair & makeup of the staff, small touches such as finger molds on the handle of a cup, & of course staff patience & helpfulness – collectively, they contribute to a quality experience.

-Staff needs – The staff that is the key ambassador to deliver one’s service to the consumer, hence it is important that they are happy, comfortable & possess all necessary tools to deliver a memorable experience. Staff needs & thoughts must be regularly surveyed in order to ensure their satisfaction and thereby customers’ satisfaction.

We could continue on with this list as there are several points to consider. This is why many organizations hire Service Design experts, as a way to ensure that no stone is left unturned when it comes to creating, delivering & sustaining a quality experience.

What do you do to ensure quality Service Design in your organization?

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