The Importance of Service Design


When you think of design, the first thing you think of may be designer furniture. Of course you know there is more to design than furniture, but what is service design? Service design is all about making physical design integrate into the functional service provided. So, what is the fuss about service design? Well, most modern economies are service oriented, i.e. where the money is, and if your services stand out, this will lead to a competitive advantage.

Basically, if a potential client has to choose between options that are more or less equal, the service design will be the distinguishing factor. A few key points are that service design includes are:

  • Efficiency
  • Usefulness
  • Effectiveness

You may therefore ask yourself if your service is useful, effective, and efficient. If it meets these points, then your service is designed well. Research is required to know what is necessary to meet the requirements of good service design. Once it is known what needs to be done, you need to improve and innovate and simply follow the normal steps of the design process. You have to be careful, however, to make sure that your services are still unique. If not, then potential clients will not see the advantage of working with you.

So, what is service design? It is the sense of designing your services so that they are useful, effective, and efficient so that (potential) clients will have their expectations exceeded. As has been already mentioned, research needs to be done. You should use this information and intuitive market knowledge to know what your client will need before he knows it himself.

You may wonder if that this means you should sell your client things he doesn’t need, but did you need a mobile phone 20 years ago? Perhaps there is a market that just does not exist for various reasons, and one reason is that a potential user of this service is not aware of something beneficial before experiencing it.

As you can see, service design is a crucial part of the value you deliver to your client. Service design is not just something done at one point in the course of action, but throughout the process of communication, delivery, and feedback with clients. If it is done at one point, then the value added will be diminished by the lack of value at other points, so service design must be consistent throughout. For example, it is hard to remember great in-flight service if your baggage was lost. Great service throughout, on the other hand, is a great way to stay well ahead of the competition.

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