The future of gastronomic retail interiors


We are at the dusk of 2009, and after two years of financial turbulence and instability, we can surely say that consumers became even more demanding, pay more attention to where they spend their time and money, and are much more critical and well informed with regards to what they consume.

In a certain sense, the public and/or private spaces can be consumed. Something that once was defined as “new”, in just a few period of time can be received as old or obsolete. On the other side, the consumer accepts happily what provides him security and a personal reference point. As he/she prefers a familiar and secure place for his/her habitat, this raises the curiosity and desire to seek for new things, innovative places full of art and design in the public spaces. The consumer is actually searching for innovation, design, a unique atmosphere/experience that will make him/her feel comfortable and special.

Today, everything that is not our living or working space, must be in a position to entertain and gratify us, to give us the pleasure of being there. Every place, retail store, that people can visit and acquire and/or consume food or drinks, but also other like music, fashion, books etc, must be a true experience and in a position to represent and express the inner-self of the consumer.

In order to succeed is such a competitive market there is the need of perfectly coordinated actions that include a serious Brand Strategy and Implementation, stunning and functional Interior Design, professional and happy staff, and the willingness to offer the best possible consumer experience.

Dot Kite with its unique Total Consumer Experience (TCE) set of services can transform an ordinary gastronomic retail store to the ultimate retail food experience. For more information, feel free to review some of our successful projects such as:

- Apolis (Bar Restaurant located in Athens, Greece)
- River (Bar Restaurant located in Rome, Italy)
- Hotel Selene (Business and Conference Hotel located in Rome, Italy)
- EverGreen (Food Bar located in Athens, Greece)

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  1. posted by John on November 5, 2009

    Very interesting post and I fully agree that we need to get some better experience in restaurants and bars.


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