Sustainability and Hotel design


Imagine a hotel that breathes, that generates power using the wind and the sunlight for energy, that collects and recycles rainwater and can also have self-cleaning capabilities. Does this sounds like a futuristic scenario? For some people yes, but we, as design experts need to understand how to develop future hotel concepts that will not only benefit the guests and will make hotel businesses more profitable, but also how to integrate better the new hotels in our surrounding environment.

Before going and exploring such interesting future concepts and scenarios, let’s try to understand how hotels perform nowadays. There is a good chance that the hotel room you are staying on any capital city (and not only) around the world for which you are paying around €300 a night has an average lifespan of three to maximum four years. In some cases, the whole interior of a hotel room (beds, wardrobe, side tables, desk etc.) will be replaced within 2 years of time. In some other cases, when some hotels do not have a perfect Total Consumer Experience (TCE) concept, they might re-design the whole interior just because they want to perform better. This is not good for the business, it can confuse the end-customers/guest and of course is not good for the environment as well.

So, how can hotels be more sustainable?

A starting point could be to rethink the entire process that currently has contracting and procurement teams working to deliver the lowest possible price and, in many cases, the lowest-quality design solutions.
Think about how Total Consumer Experience (TCE) can play an important role in the decision making prior of the construction works. Good design can not only make a hotel look beautifully nice, but it can also solve technical challenges and of course the main task of nowadays is to create sustainable design solutions that will be beneficial in the long run for the hotel businesses, the guests but also the environment. Therefore, Hotel owners, Hotel Management companies and Hotel Operators should involve experienced design teams since the beginning of their project and work with the Total Consumer Experience (TCE) approach for a great, profitable and environmentally friendly business.

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