Stand out from the crowd


The financial crisis still goes on and – according to experts – will last at least until next year. During these difficult times it’s so much more important for a company to have a straight and clear communication outwards to hold one’s ground. The best chances to gain this goal is to strengthen the identity with a good corporate design which turns out appealing to the consumer.

Graphic design structures and communicates information and conveys subjective values. When creating we have to become aware of the fact that brand design – whether it’s about a logo, a package or a brochure – intends to arouse emotions; emotions that suit the consumer and therefore help building up loyalty. I think that these elements are arbitrative for the success of a company. All the more when there is a slump and saturated market conditions respectively, the key lies in obtaining the faith of consumers in your business, achieve recognition value and finally stand up to competitors.

In the end it’s mainly the graphic designer, which has to create the corporate identity. At Dot Kite, we focus on the Total Consumer Experience: We design the whole visual appearance, from the Brand Definition to the Online Experience Design and Packaging Design. Everything has to fit tighter to achieve the intended effect of inducing the right emotions. To accomplish this, we put ourselves in the position of the consumer and the company itself at the same time, keep every detail occupied and try everything to achieve the best result – an identity which fulfills all demands.

This is what makes a company able to confront itself with economical and social changes.

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