Smartphones changing the way we interact and the role of design


Smartphones are changing the way we interact on the internet and with each other. They are no longer just a gadget, they are fast becoming a necessity.
People use smartphones for communicating and interacting, they make it possible to be on top of things with latest updates on emails, social network sites and news. You’re online every minute – every day.

The market for apps (applications you install through your smartphone operating system) has grown tremendously through the years and now there are hundreds of thousands available – making it easy to access information about almost anything that comes to mind; from flight schedules to recipes.
Users for Blackberry, iPhones and other smartphones are growing every year and in the United States it is the fastest growing segment of the mobile phone market. As a result the need for websites with easy access to information is growing. Therefore, designers must be ready to meet that demand and change their approach to designing for the internet.

How can we change the internet through better design?

- with new apps for smartphones being released every day, certain information is being designed for the consumer, thus it’s easier to market your target segment.
- websites will have to be designed both for personal computers and smartphones. Layouts, style and structure must meet those needs in a subtle and smart way
- the world wide web is developing more and more to a social/mobile/commercial web that’s demanding simplicity, speed and accuracy. Designers have to meet those demands.
- the quicker the better! Ergonomics must be a part of the design process of mobile phones in the future, making sure you don’t waste any time pressing unnecessary buttons to reach your Twitter!

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