Smart Business Design: iPad vs. Monocle Mediterraneo


In the era of mobile digital tablets, such as iPad, Kindle, etc., there are many praising the end of the traditional newspapers. Such devices have a lot of advantages but it will be very difficult to compete with bold and innovative moves like Monocle’s latest release. Monocle Mediterraneo is a new venture from the Monocle media. This bold and in a way controversy move by Monocle, besides its great content, the design of the newspaper is unique as well.

This newspaper uses a high quality matte paper which is a completely sun, water, tanning oil and sweat-friendly. In this way, while enjoying a fresh drink under the mediterranean sun, your Monocle Mediterraneo copy will be kept on perfect shape.

This is what I personally call “Smart Business Design” and I hope to see more similar examples (in different industries) in the market place soon.

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