Retail Store Design


You can have your average retail store, a budget one, or one at the high end of the spectrum. You could even have one only selling exclusive products, but all retail stores share some design guidelines, whether you are selling IT equipment or groceries. So, how do you design your retail store?

First of all, there is the layout. Designing your layout will have effects on other parts of the store design, so this must align with you brand or store strategy. A store with straight aisles, in line with walls maximizes selling space. On the other hand, angled aisles, circles, or other curves makes for a more luxurious perception. Leaving a great deal of space for customers to browse is a big investment usually only practiced by high end retailers. Upon entering, each customer should also be greeted, especially in high end stores.

Once you have your layout style in mind, you should make sure you use it to your advantage. With this, it is meant that you should guide your customers. You can have in influence in what they see. The most lucrative brands, items, and/or sales should be clearly visible and within easy reach. Lighting puts extra emphasis on items you want to draw attention to.

At the checkout, some shops have high margin commodities for you to grab. This is good if you want to make some more money, but this strategy should not be used if you are a high end retailer as this will diminish the value you are trying to communicate.

All the while customers are at your store, they should hear music. This should not be left to chance, but carefully selected. Like with the rest of your store design, the music you have your customers listen to should align with your strategy. Everything a customer experiences should add value and this is what the Total Consumer Experience (TCE) is about.

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