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There are many ways in which you can attempt to have the best hotel. You can be specialized in one way or another, but quality through and through is what is becoming the norm these days. Staying up to par is not easy, so you should also look into who you are allowing to stay in your hotel and for which reasons.

It is understandable that you should have a good combination of high quality:

  • Service
  • View
  • Food
  • Surroundings
  • interior design

This will lead to good word of mouth, and from there, you will attract more guests. However, what do you do if you happen to only get a certain type of guest?

This is not a problem, right? Well, not if you look at your short-term revenues. We have already discussed about what comes after best hotel design, but this is even a step further. You will have a good income if you happen to have a certain type of guest attract a lot more of the same type of guest. However, this may have a negative influence on other guests who may feel out of place. Of course, this notion is not valid in all cases, but in hotels where people stay and spend a great deal of their time, the types of guests you have and their respective proportions could have a strong influence on your future earnings.

You or someone you know may have had a negative experience somewhere along the lines of ‘all of those (certain type of guests) are really irritating; they do this and that, etc.’ So, if you happen to have a growing group of one type of guest at your hotel, then others may feel averse to the situation and feel like outsiders.

In the long-term your other guests will not return and you will only be left with one type of guest. Your hotel may be defined by its homogeneous guests more so than the hotel defining itself. This is not necessarily bad, but it’s never good to put all of your eggs in one basket.

So, before you start making executive decisions about your hotel, you must be able to answer a few questions. Who do you want to attract? More importantly, how do the guests you attract have an influence on your company and its future revenues? Also, how do you attract who you want to attract? How do you keep a unique hotel experience?

We have already shown that the best hotels in Amsterdam have the best design. However, in order to have the most fitting guests, you need to make strategic plans, and implement tactical branding and communication as part of the Total Consumer Experience (TCE). A good example of how this is done is the Hotel Selene.

To summarize, you need a strategic plan, and from there you must specify what the design of you hotel will be. This will have an influence on who you attract. Nonetheless you must strive to avoid having one type of guest by having the correct form of branding and communication.

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