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On behalf of Dot Kite team, I would like to officially welcome you to our new website and introduce you to our unique world of design, innovation and new visual & aesthetic experiences.
The world – and the way it does business – has changed dramatically since our founding in the end of 2005. It is now just as easy to do business with a company on the other side of the world as with the one located next door, and therefore we have invested heavily and updated Dot Kite’s online presence.

But just as the world has changed, so has Dot Kite. We have expanded and enhanced our service offerings to reflect the new reality of our clients’ business, and we have increased our brand presence across Europe and around the globe through our offices in Amsterdam, Athens and Rome. But one thing remains certain in a world that does not seem to be the same: Our clients and staff will continue to enjoy the benefits of Dot Kite’s founding values of being bold, elegant and imaginative. Those are the principles that have helped us to achieve not just a publicly pronounced reputation for excellence in the creative field and client service, but also as a “great place to work” by our employees.

In 2009, you will see the direct involvement of Dot Kite in some of the most exciting projects in the most advanced industries. Our Total Consumer Experience (TCE) set of services will continue to be our main competitive advantage because we simply invest in talent, quality and excellence.

Total Consumer Experience is future desire anticipated on a big scale.
Our clients benefit from the big idea, through well-informed and provocative exchange, tailored experiences, visual influences, inspiration and innovative thinking.
We dare to create the future through strategic design planning and desirable new artifacts.
If you are looking for a change, whether for your business or for your career, I welcome your questions and comments.

Sincerely and on behalf of the Dot Kite team,

Thomas Mylonas
Founder & CEO

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  1. Congratulation on the opening of your new website! I hope it will be also the opening of new and successful businesses.

  2. Thomas – The new website looks great! I’m proud to have known you since the beginning of Dot Kite, and it’s great to see how much the company has grown. Best wishes from SFTE.


  3. Kittynel, thank you very much for your wishes and we will keep you updated with the new developments of Dot Kite.

  4. Richard – I am very pleased to know you like this new website and of course it’s great to be in contact with you since the founding of the Dot Kite brand. Once again, thank you for all the support and of course, Dot Kite will keep you up to date with the world of design.

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