Luxury hotels online experience and design


In the recent past, I have worked extensively with the hotel industry’s visual palette, and one thing they almost all have in common: the first impression on their websites do not deliver the product a luxury hotel really is. There are, by guarantee, sizeable budgets at spa and wellness areas, large fine conference rooms, an overwhelming foyer, and rooms where comfort, design and safety are presented in higher unity. These websites, which are the first impression you get, should to be a good sales argument for choosing the specific hotel, instead of the one on the other side of the street. However, it seems as if they have not been able to get those sales arguments moved over to the digital part of marketing.

Internet becomes more important – it is becoming more and more common that we are seeking information and experience from others before we even order a specific service, product or a hotel stay. The only thing that can affect our opinion more than the internet, is the intense source of information is the word of mouth method, where you hear experiences directly from friends or relatives who have tested/tried it.

Now I can not say that all luxury hotel websites are bad, because I have certainly not been all over, but I have not yet encountered one where I thought WOW, or where I got the feeling of the atmosphere from the hotel.

It seems to me very strange that these pages have not gotten a higher priority since around 85% of customers who get acquainted with a particular hotel will have their first impression through its website.

If you look at other industries such as the clothing industry, their websites provide the goods and the precise concept out through the screen, whether it is high-end fashion or middle budget clothing. You are in a mood and feel like buying their products. It is that experience I am searching for in hotel websites. We here at Dot Kite are ready to do something about it. When we deliver a project, it includes the hole experience from the first impression on the website through to when the guest steps out of the hotel door after a stay.

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