Life is a Design: Footwear


What is one of the most important parts of your body? There are several good answers, but one of them is your feet. Doctors tell their patients that having shoes that do not support your feet well could negatively affect your knees, back, and posture. So, wearing shoes that are designed to fit you are very important for your health. Not only this, but they are a part of your identity and are a part of a first impression. That’s not all though. Shoes are just a part of footwear.

It has been said that you can tell a lot about someone by their shoes. Shoes can be mostly aesthetical or mostly functional. In the latter, like with sports clothing, shoes are designed for grip, aerodynamics, speed, protection, etc. Again, shoes are only a part of footwear. Skis, skates, and boots also belong to footwear. With these, the right design can extend your physical potential to your footwear, making your skis, skates or anything else almost like a part of your body. Another example would be about cycling such as with racing bikes where your shoes physically attach you to the bike.

At Dot Kite, we know that design is important to every aspect of business and also to individual consumers. You may have a look at a case of Puma designed by Dot Kite. When designing a shoe, you must know its specific purpose. There are major differences in shoes between different uses such as:


Within these different uses, there are many different sub segments. For the sports shoes, for example, you would need to define

The surface it crosses
The environment it is in
What kind of performance is necessary

You may find that you will need to design shoes with cleats for your purpose or shoes that are highly flexible and breathable. Whatever your need, it is imperative to don the footwear designed for the function you wish to carry out.

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