Life is a Design: Chairs


Chairs are one of the most common objects where designers start. Does that mean they are easy to design? That is a matter of discussion, but a good chair is definitely not easy to design. It appears as if most of the chairs that are designed are only slightly different than others, but if you look hard enough, you can see some miraculous examples, such as the totally re-imagined Maia .

Just like with other designs, the function or use of the chair affects its design. Examples of various chairs with different functions are:

High chair
Wheel chair
Folding chair
Lazy boy

The function of the high chair is so that babies and toddlers so that they will be at the same level as others at a table. Wheel chairs are meant for mobile impaired individuals who would otherwise have a hard time getting around. Folding chairs are meant to save space and the main purpose for lazy boys is to provide comfort.

There are many more different types of chairs that are made for different purposes or simply to differentiate from existing chairs. Some chairs or seats do not require a lot of intuitive design such as bar stools or bean bags, but others can be very aesthetically appealing and/or comfortable such as the Dottir and the CrossLink Collectionof chairs. Besides this, there are also chairs designed for posture and ergonomics. These are usually meant for people in office and other work environments.

To conclude, there are many different types of chair that are designed for function, aesthetics, and ergonomics. It must first be know what the function of the chair will be whereupon sleek aesthetics and ergonomics can be designed into it.

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