Investing in the Total Consumer Experience (TCE): Is it worth it?


Of course we would like to say that the Total Consumer Experience (TCE) is viable in all circumstances, but that is not the case. Many companies can benefit from the Total Consumer Experience (TCE), but in some situations, things may be better off in a different manner. Here we explain why the Total Consumer Experience (TCE) is relevant and in which cases it is the most applicable.

The Total Consumer Experience (TCE) turns an experience into one that is fully integrated and of high quality. Each part of the experience consumers will have is met with the same branding and excellence in service that make the Total Consumer Experience (TCE) so special.

The most ideal firms to apply the Total Consumer Experience (TCE) to, are those who operate in the luxury and tourist industries and also to consumers oriented firms who are in tough markets. The Total Consumer Experience (TCE) will help set you stick out from the rest when the market is saturated or very competitive.

To reiterate, the Total Consumer Experience (TCE) is applicable to a vast array of companies, but the most appropriate partners are those in the tourism and luxury industries. The hospitality sector in general is also on par with the two other sectors mentioned. It is mentioned separately because if someone decides to go out for a meal near their own homes, they are not tourists.

The least applicable instances for the Total Consumer Experience (TCE) are historic locations. The previous paragraph mentions the hospitality industry as being one of the most suitable for the Total Consumer Experience (TCE). However, if you have an old Irish pub, for example, this would not be the best case for the Total Consumer Experience (TCE) because it could be considered a historic location and it fits into the market the way it is. Its identity lies in traditional appearance.

Hotels, airlines, restaurants, café’s, consumer oriented companies other luxury (and not) businesses are the most suitable candidates for the Total Consumer Experience (TCE). Again, if you are another service-based firm in a tight market, then the Total Consumer Experience (TCE) will bring you ahead of your competition. The Total Consumer Experience (TCE) has already added value to other firms, proving its value beyond the most obvious of companies to benefit from it.

A selection of examples of Total Consumer Experience by Dot Kite:

- Apolis Restaurant
- SOLO Gateway
- Olive Country
- Velvet Airlines
- River Bar Restaurant
- IT Center
- Jenny
- Best Western | Hotel Selene

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