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Graphic design has been essential to every (single) era of publishing history. Nowadays, where the digital media become more important and are available for everyone, the profession of graphic design is in the midst of enormous change. Some people think that the new technology is about to diminish the graphic business but in fact it enhances it. If we see these changes as a chance to advance our skills and deepen our knowledge, we become stronger and get up with new and good solutions. But what will the future bring in detail?

I think that two big disciplines of design will play an important role in the future.
The first one is “Interfacedesign”: it deals with the composition of the user interface which connects human and machine; the other one being “augmented reality” which broadens the reality with aid from the computer.

If you want to stay in business you have to master this new technologies. Regrettably thats not so easy, because you have to think in a new way to bring all components togehter: content, design, usability, technology and convenience.
On the other hand: to have to create the visual appearance of a new program for an iphone or a virtual cardrive to show the vantages of the new BMW is not elementary different from publishing. And if we stick with our experience so far, we will be able to fullfill the forthcoming demands. We just have to accept the challenge.

My prognosis for the future of design remains positive: there will allways be a need of good design and we can always develop our skills to become better and think in new ways. At Dot Kite we embrace the challenge and are ready for the future, weather in publishing or in the digital world.

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  1. Dear Sabrina,

    I share your intrigue in this matter and your post inspired me to add some thoughts.

    The proliferation of digital media, and the new mobile platforms that support it, certainly represents an opportunity for designers, and their disciplines, to develop. As emerging technologies and behaviours provide new areas to explore, design is presented with some challenges. Not only to find new and interesting ways to apply itself, but to evolve and migrate in order to maintain its position on the cutting edge of cultural dialogue and production.

    With mobile, digital media, the playing field has changed, and still is. Metrics have changed, expectations have changed and so has the way we design and why. Empowering individuals and delivering meaningful experiences is the new norm.

    As you mentioned, disciplines like interaction design, interface design and the field of augmented reality have, and will continue to be, at the forefront when it comes to digital, mobile media. Another example is Advertising, a creative discipline that will continue to see some exciting changes in the coming years.

    The area of projection and screen technologies represents some very exciting opportunities for design as well. The idea that all surfaces (public and private) becoming a potential screen and/or point of interaction with digital content is steadily advancing towards reality.

    Regarding graphic design, I agree that there will always be a need communicate things in visual and compelling matter. With digital content, skyrocketing traffic levels and data usage, new technologies and platforms as well as people’s evolving behaviours, the need for good design will only become more intense.

    “Every company with an audience will be in the media business.” (Manu 2009). A great food-for-thought quote.

    I’m not sure if organizations have to bring all the components together (though some certainly do) as much as they need to ‘think in a new way’. As supporters of culture, businesses should at the very least be aware and recognize the nature of the playing field today (mobile, digital media). This way they can develop a position, and more importantly, determine what role they will play and develop suitable strategies. This goes for most businesses and organizations, whether they believe they are affected by mobile, digital media or not. Whether it is their employees, their customers or their customer’s customers, one way or another almost all businesses are connected to it.

    I thoroughly enjoy the questions, analysis and ideas that come from Dot Kite. Solid stuff!


    Terry Woods

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