How do you get more out of your design budget?


Everyone wants to get more out of their budget. Saving money now means you can spend more on other things; new investments, or the next design. By having a thorough understanding of what you want and what you need to develop, we can create successful solutions that can be of added value without adding on the costs.

Our Total Consumer Experience (TCE) is an over encompassing design solution. Developing a design with the right usage of colors, shape, and materials is one aspect of the Total Consumer Experience (TCE). The consistency throughout is what links this one aspect of what Dot Kite delivers to the next. This means having the same look and feel with everything you deliver in order to bring the right message across to the consumer and to distinguish you from your competitors.

Going back to the one aspect about color, shape, and materials in a design, it must be reaffirmed that when the requirements are clear, the right mix of those three things combined with Dot Kite’s expertise leads to a design that is of high quality. In order to save money and get more out of your budget, we can adjust the process to save costs on things that matter less and focus more on the details that do matter.

We know what is technically possible in most projects right away, such as what the visual effects will be like and what the costs of production are, but in the customizable service we can discuss your wishes and advise you on the best possible solution. In this way, we can quickly decide what material or production technique is the most suitable in each situation so we can always assure the best result within the set time frame and budget.

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