How design influences subconscious decisions


Is design everything? Everything is designed! Or is it? Nature is designed for perfection. We know this as evolution; the survival of the fittest. Design is also developed through experience – a mistake now will not be repeated in the future, and knowledge – what designers learn through education and adoption of best practice.

In order to be the best in the business, your company must design for perfection. This means leaving nothing to chance; designing everything:

  • the layout of your hospitality business
  • your business cards
  • pens
  • marketing schemes
  • …and even the way light comes into your building and how it creates an ambience in the room.

When taking the subject of lighting into more detail, one will come to realize that it is much more important than one may originally think. People become gloomy in the cold, dark winter months. When having the correct mix and ambience using natural and artificial lighting, the relative perception of a room can be greatly increased.

Gerald Zaltman of Harvard Business School wrote that 95 percent of a consumer’s decision making lies within the subconscious. This means that everything a consumer sees, feels, hears, and experiences has an effect on the purchasing decision. Companies, especially those in the hospitality sector, need to make sure the right subconscious feelings are conveyed to consumers so that they make a purchase and come back for more.

Can design be prefect? It depends. It all depends on perception because people will always judge a design and an experience based on their past experiences. This holds especially true for the hospitality sector where current customer satisfaction functionally determines future earnings.  The right mix of experience and  knowledge to accomplish such tasks are possessed by Dot Kite in order to deliver the right design for businesses wanting to convey character with quality and elegance.

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