How design connects industry with consumers


What makes an industrial product consumer ready? Well, that is one reason to have design. Designers basically work on two aspects of products; functionality and aesthetics. Through their work, designers connect the industry with consumers by translating a concept into something that adds extra value to consumers.

At Dot Kite, we have an excellent understanding of people, culture, and societies. This knowledge is applied to our deep knowledge about design. This knowledge includes, but is not limited to:

· Materials
· Components
· Production techniques
· Practical experience
· Financial insight
· Manufacturers

In this way, we develop products that not only have an appealing design and bring out emotion, but are also practical and of high quality. The products will have the right combination of feel, detailing and pricing.

By having a good understanding about materials, production techniques and manufacturers, for example, we create appealing designs that assure loyal partnerships between consumers and manufacturers. This saves marketing costs in the short term and creates more stability in the long term.

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