How airlines can survive the crisis with great design


The airline industry is defined by their customers. They hop from one airline to another depending on the price or the quality of the service. Great service, as a part of the branding experience, is what brings airlines to the top of rankings, such as Skytrax. When customers have the experience of a lifetime with one airline, they will come back for more and eventually become loyal. When you have loyal customers, they will perform the most powerful form of marketing for you – word of mouth.

In an economic downturn, it has been proven that airline companies who keep up their branding and marketing efforts end up doing better in the long-term. You must integrate your quality and branding into every aspect of your company from the design of the airplane (interior or livery), provide great food experience in stunning packaging design, up to the way stewards are dressed. This is what we call Total Consumer Experience (TCE). ( See Velvet Airlines case study by Dot Kite )

Another thing airlines must do in today’s economy is to be transparent. People want to know how they are doing financially, what they are doing with the environment, and other airline and airplane news. Thus, information on these topics must be made readily available. Transparency will only be positive for your company, especially if the competition is still hiding their processes.

What do airline companies need to do today? They need to be passionate, invest even if there is an economic downturn, and create a strong following and good word of mouth through excellent service.

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  1. I agree. I did my Master Thesis on Shopping experience and there also, as most Brands in general, the total experience is key. Today with the consumers possibility to communicated so easily his/hers experiences, it is important for companies to understand how vital is it is to create amazing Experiences for consumers today!

    I myself still remember my first flight with Singapore Airlines in 94, when I was just 10 years old. The service we got in coach was amazing and we even got to travel once in first, which was just superb. So whenever I get a flight with them, I don’t mind if it is a bit more expensive then another company, since I know my flight will be great!

    Best regards,
    Sabrina Theumann

  2. Dear Sabrina,

    thank you for sharing your thoughts and experiences with us.
    I fully agree with you the same concept/rules apply on shopping spaces (as you correctly say).

    Moreover, airlines such as Singapore Airlines know they can only create loyal customers by providing beyond the standards service. And this is what we also argue here at Dot Kite. Airliners should provide the best passenger experience in every level and every stage. From the online booking, to the welcome at the airport, of course stunning in-flight experience but also to “thank” the passenger once he/she reached the final destination.

    I predict that in the near future there will be major changes in the aviation industry and we as designers hope we can contribute to an overall better traveling experience. Just think the potential of Total Consumer Experience (TCE).

    Again, thank you for sharing with us your opinion.

    Thomas C. Mylonas

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