Financial crisis and design trends


The financial crisis has been over our heads for quite some time now, but it is beginning to turn. Undeniably, it is a good opportunity for fresh, innovative designers to reveal their way of thinking with regards to new retail concepts, use of material, interior and products. We, here at Dot Kite, discussed about the design trends that will shape the look of our world after the crisis.

We are becoming more aware of the world we live in. Thus, we are willing to sacrifice more to take care of it. Basics get combined with luxury; the future is mixed with the past. Environmental friendliness plays a major role, offering great challenges for the design world of tomorrow.

We will be inspired by the nature and its many contrasts. Black has been very dominanted, and will still be used, but less than previously. You will generally express more personality, soul and core values through the use of your colors. The palette will move from the fresh optimistic yellow and green colors to the more delicate blue and purple ones.

The natural materials are becoming more visible in both the cityscape but also in product and interior design. Wood and metal will be used a lot in combination with fabrics in different kind of patterns.

We live in a world that needs constant stimulation; and Dot Kite has a responsibility on that area. Our greatest task is to stimulate and provide the customer with an experience. At Dot Kite we name it Total Consumer Experience.

To learn more about Total Consumer Experience, you may:
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- visit our TCE portfolio section
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