Evolution and design in the air-traveling experience

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Travel has changed much over the last hundred years. It is hard to believe that within 2 generations we have evolved from the horse and buggy to the family car to simply owning a personal vehicle for the sake of luxury. It is not ancient history the commercial airline industry took flight -wherever you want or need to go, you can get there- so as long as your wallet is limitless.

Think now to how casual the flight process has become. It used to be a huge experience to take a flight, not simply one for the ‘weekend getaway’ but something more special, a significant point in an individual’s life. Now, travelers even weekly commute via flight and have a wide variety of choices of comfort from the luxurious first class to the economy and budget airlines. Flight options available are becoming more and more broad. Because of this, airlines are also looking again at the physical way in which you travel. If the flying process is becoming more common and used for short journeys, who is to say we cannot apply the same elements as we do on a city or metro bus? For example, it can be said some individuals easily have up to an hour commute to their place of work and, without heavy complaint, arrange themselves sitting or slightly standing on a subway car or bus for the duration of the travel.

With the cost of fuel rising and the unstable economy, budget airlines are looking to take a new stance to reduce costs and maximize the amount of travelers getting from point A to point B. Ryanair has released a few potential concepts for future traveling positions and minimizing all unnecessary elements in the airline cabin, transporting travelers much like cargo. Instead, I believe there should be a harmonious balance between the two extremes. Can we not experience a taste of luxury while still keeping to our budget roots? Prepare yourselves, avid travelers, because within a few years the way in which we fly will be completely revolutionized.

In that direction, at Dot Kite we try to move on and shape the future; influence and challenge the experiences of tomorrow in the civil aviation industry. We started with Velvet Airlines, but we keep on developing innovative concepts that will enhance Total Consumer Experience (TCE) for the avid travelers even more.

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