Emotionality in Branding

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Like two sides of a coin or yin and yang, meshing together the functional and emotional values of your brand and maintaining the balance between them is vital to building a long lasting brand.

The functional offering fulfills the basic customer need – something that several brands are likely to be able to accomplish. A functional competitive advantage however is not a long lasting one because the competition can catch up, offering similar or even better functionalities in due time.

Focusing a little more on the emotional values of your brand can go a long way in sustaining a loyal consumer base, one that can be immune to new brands, price hikes, varying economies and other changes. This is because while functionality can easily be matched by competition, it is far more difficult to replace the emotional connection that your brand has with consumers. In other words, a strong emotional connection with the consumer is quite untouchable.

Take for example, luxury watch brand Patek Philippe with the unforgettable tagline “You never actually own a Patek Philippe. You merely look after it for the next generation.” This not only signals the fact that these watches are investment pieces but also shows that the brand stands for strong family ties. The brand’s claim that they can last through multiple generations also speaks of their high quality and craftsmanship (functional aspects).

What is the unique emotional component of your branding strategy? What makes it unforgettable and vital to your consumer?

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