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Dot Kite is an established Design & Communication company that has already provided the unique Total Consumer Experience (TCE) services in various customers, in various parts of the world. With this post, we would like to update you with some of our major operations that took part in the last 18 months in The Netherlands.

1) we have rebranded and designed the Olive Country brand:
see project here
see before and after case study here

2) we have designed and developed a new brand Q Food

3) we have designed and developed the concept of restaurant Milos in The Hague

4) we have developed and delivered a project for De Lastage in Amsterdam.

5) we have developed the full concept for Istanbul Restaurant in the center of Amsterdam.

6) we have designed and developed the brand of a new (740 sq. M) restaurant in Utrecht.
see project update here

7) we have designed and developed the unique brand of Cupid & Shu.

8 ) we are currently designing a new restaurant in the center of Amsterdam
see project update here

9) we have developed the new brand of an Oil & Gas company Argos Sibinga Petroleum.

10) we have designed and developed the brand identity of an upcoming publishing company FORWARD.

As you can notice, we have been busy with further development in the Dutch market without forgetting the international market with projects such as YES for Europe, ENERPAKand many others.

At this point, we would like to take the chance and thank all our staff, clients, partners and suppliers for supporting us throughout this period of time and our promise is to continue challenging the limits of Design and Communication through out Total Consumer Experience set of services.

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