Dot Kite to Explore Seafood Industry


Through the knowledge we have acquired in various industries, we are now going to put a focus on the seafood industry. We can add value through our full understanding of how consumers think and what they want. Therefore, Dot Kite is exploring into redefining the way in which a very traditional industry such as the seafood (fishing/aquaculture) industry is going to promote its products and how they increase the value of their goods to their partners, and ultimately, the end consumer.

We are planning on implementing the Total Consumer Experience (TCE) into various companies in the industry. Through preliminary research, we feel that there is room for improvement where others downstream can benefit from this. An example of great packaging is the Nera Kritis. A recent Total Consumer Experience (TCE) for Olive Country also focused greatly on package design.

Let us not forget that the Total Consumer Experience (TCE) is not just about packaging, but is a holistic approach to designing a new identity from the smallest details such as clothing to corporate brand images. An example of this can be seen in the Apolis case study.

A previous post about a partnership directly links Dot Kite to the B2B food industry. It concerns Q Food and how Dot Kite designed everything from plates and uniforms to business cards and the company logo up to the online presence and experience. If you are interested to know more, we can set up a dialogue with you if you simply mail us at

For more information on our TCE projects you may download our pdf TCE brochure.

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