Dot Kite | Lab signs new contract with Food Bar in Milan


We are pleased to announce that Dot Kite | Lab signed a new contract with a High-End food bar in Milan, Italy. This will be one more major Total Consumer Experience project in Italy that will help the new food bar to offer the best experience to its customers, and communicate its values and high-quality services through its Brand and Retail Experience.

Dot Kite | Lab will apply it’s top range service, Total Consumer Experience in the following form:

- Brand Strategy and Development
- Brand Definition and Positioning
- Brand Name
- Brand Guidelines
- Packaging Design
- Retail Experience Design
- Online Experience Design
- Product Design Language Guidelines
- Advertising Guidelines
- Architecture and Retail Design
- Apparel and Outfit Design for all retail employees

In addition, Dot Kite | Lab will design the whole retail experience and will set up the guidelines for the future retails stores as well.

For more info for our “Total Consumer Experience” service, please contact us here:

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