Dot Kite | Lab signs contract with Greek Archipelago


We are pleased to announce that Dot Kite | Lab signed a contract with Greek Archipelago.
Dot Kite | Lab will be responsible for the Strategic Branding and Communication of the company, helping Greek Archipelago to establish a solid and dynamic brand in a highly competitive industry.

Greek Archipelago is a London based investment fund that aims at entering the Greek Hotel industry, by acquiring hotels and building new ones.

At an initial stage Dot Kite | Lab will deliver:
- Brand Strategy and Development
- Brand Definition and Positioning
- Brand Name
- Brand Guidelines
- Online Experience

At a later stage Dot Kite | Lab will be responsible for the interior design of the hotels, being able in that way to offer Total Consumer Experience (TCE), enhancing the client’s competitive advantage and leading to the best business result.

Once again, Dot Kite | Lab confirms that is the only design consultancy operating in Greece (among the offices in Amsterdam and Rome) that can manage, develop and execute projects ranging from Branding and Communication to Interior Design.

For more info regarding our Total Consumer Experience (TCE) service, please contact us at

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  1. Congratulations on landing the new contract!

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