Dot Kite | Lab signs contract with a new Hotel in Portugal


We are happy to announce Dot Kite | Lab’s involvement in a brand new concept Resort Hotel that will be build in Portugal.

This new resort hotel will be developed and realized nearby Lisbon (Portugal) and the total size will be of 85 hectares in beautiful land right next to one of the nicest sea side areas of Europe. This resort will be one of the first 100% Eco and Sustainable resorts.

Dot Kite | Lab will create and develop the Brand Strategy from scratch and it will be applied in various applications such as the full Branding Applications. Furthermore, Dot Kite | Lab will also be part of the actual design and development of the whole resort but also will be in charge for the online experience of such a demanding operation.

This is a major new hotel/resort project that will take place in Southern Europe and here at Dot Kite | Lab we are very excited to work together with our team and our inspiring client.

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