Dot Kite | Lab delivers Total Consumer Experience to Olive Country


We are proud to announce that Dot Kite | Lab has delivered Total Consumer Experience to Olive Country.

Olive Country is a Dutch-based company that brings olive oil, herbs and spices and other greek products in the Netherlands. The company owns and grows its olive trees in the South of the Peloponese, Greece, born with the aim to bring to your table what the locals enjoy on a daily basis. Soon, you will be able to experience Olive Country in major Dutch retail stores.

Dot Kite | Lab designed and delivered Total Consumer Experience in order to create a more solid brand image and to help boost the sales into the Dutch market, including the following:

- Strategic Branding
- Communication Design
- Retail experience
- Online experience
- Graphic Design

Dot Kite | Lab confirms once again its ability to create, develop and manage complex accounts, and that is the only design consultancy operating in Europe (among the offices in Amsterdam, Athens and Rome) that can offer services ranging from Branding and Communication design, to packaging design till product design.

In the coming days we will reveal the new Brand Identity of Olive Country. Follow us here, or our Twitter account @dotkite.

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  1. Well done team!! This has been the dream of every Greek entrepreneurially-thinking expat in the Netherlands. Hope your efforts are fruitful enough to charm the Dutch market.
    All the best!

  2. Dear Panos,

    thank you for your kind comment and I can assure you that we have created a unique Consumer Experience for the Olive Country brand.

    We will update our portfolio section soon and you will have the chance to see the complete work that Dot Kite | Lab developed.

    Moreover, we would very much like to have your feedback again once the whole work will be revealed.


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