Design with love


In this modern, hectic era where people check their e-mail and update their tweets or Facebook posts more often than talking to each other face-to-face, everyone feels the lack of normal human warmth.
After all the virtual socialising tendencies, the world will return to a more traditional, real-life way of communicating. Sending messages online will never be able to substitute this.

Sometimes we can so much miss a handwritten letter, a self-made card as a birthday present or a stylish sweater sewn by your mother. All these things have a human touch, a piece of soul put into them. They were created with love. Moreover when something is handmade you can feel its own “soul” instead of modern futuristic “cold” design. In particular some special art objects, new furniture models or interiors can look a bit soulless. Sometimes, when seeing a new concept of furniture or an interior design, you hardly can say it was made, designed, created and thought through with love, for people in general.

So let’s be closer to the human needs and expectations of design. Let’s be closer to each other, to understand and concern design with full responsibility and to create things with love for people, to provide them with comfort and beauty instead of “drowning” into the world of “esoteric design for the selected few”. I maintain that it is necessary to create something that will improve and transform a person’s life for the better. This is the core essence of design.

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  1. I am sure that most designers will agree with you, as I do, but the fact is that this “esoteric design for the selected few” has had success – at least it has given the financial satisfaction to many designers and has been considered interesting. But the natural development of trends will soon bring about change and direction back to authenticity in the wide audience. Then, I expect that design will begin to fulfill better its most important task – “to improve and transform a person’s life for the better”.

  2. @ Trendoffice,
    I strongly agree with your concluding remark, that design will “improve and transform a person’s life for the better”, and I hope that a direction to authenticity in the wide audience will occur in the near future. Though, I would be interested to learn more about the “natural development of trends” and the way that you conceive it. As for the “esoteric design for the selected few” I believe that its main purpose is to provide future design directions and is rarely practical for present solutions.

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