Design & Communication advices to all Greek Entrepreneurs


Greece’s nation brand image is suffering badly from the Greek government’s debt crisis, and the country has to do something about it urgently. Greece has no positive brand in the modern sense of the word and it needs to improve it. The image of Greece (and unfortunately of Greek products and services) at the moment is negatively inspiring. In today’s world, Greece needs to expose its profile in a clear and consistent way.

As a Greek owner and CEO of an international company which is based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, and having had world-wide business experience in the fields of Design, Branding, Retail and Consumer goods, I would like to help all possible Greek based entrepreneurs that might want to expand to the global markets.

Therefore, through Dot Kite I would like to invite all Greek based entrepreneurs that operate in the Food & Beverage (Agricultural) and Hospitality industries to take advantage of the knowledge and experience Dot Kite has acquired so far in the aforementioned industries. Dot Kite will provide free advice and guidance on how to increase sales (through design and branding) to the global market.

For the interested parties, the only requirement needed is to be fully passionate with their venture.
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