Consumer environments designed for experience sharing


Global population grows at a very fast pace, faster than ever before; people flood major cities, with urban citizens growing by 3 million per week for the last two decades. According to the Global Report on Human Settlements 2009, by 2050 the global urban population will reach a 70 per cent, representing 6.4 billion people. As a result, more urban consumers are “born” every day, with customer satisfaction gaining even greater importance and global competition becoming more intensive.

At the same time consumers are bombarded with information that requires the development of specific skills in order to follow and manage effectively. In that direction, trust in the source of information and speed in exchange and comprehension seem to facilitate information management. In that perspective, one of the most appealing and interesting ways of getting informed is through knowledge sharing from/with other consumers, nowadays being very flexible and fast due to technological achievements that facilitate interoperability.

Consumer environments need to be comfortable and operational, but above all memorable; environments that the customer is willing to share and promote. The next step is to provide the facilities for an “on the spot review”. Let the consumers share their experiences with great easiness and promote your environment as the “epicenter of their consumer experience”. Wireless networks, visuals, interactive screens and more design elements to make your consumer environment more vivid, real, participative, enhancing the Total Consumer Experience (TCE). In the end, it is the sense of sharing the same opinion with others that provides people with the affordable margin error, boosting the consumer-behavioral decision-making process.

Under such conditions, at Dot Kite we do not just imagine the future but we move on and shape it. For this reason, our creative team is working on “ghost projects” in an effort to influence and challenge the experiences of tomorrow in consumer environments.

Finally, I would like to invite retailers, designers, companies that develop related technologies and concepts, to provide us with their insights so as to build on a collaborative discussion and potential synergies.

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