Capturing Customer Attention


Capturing and holding your customer’s attention is becoming more and more challenging by the day. Not only are we dealing with new forms and types of media that we are only slowly discovering for business purposes, but added to this, we are also dealing with an ever-shortening attention span affecting today’s average consumer.

In addition, while previously, brand communications to the customer were controlled by the brand (even testimonials used to be carefully chosen), today, communication possibilities have multiplied with the web: brand-to-consumer, consumer-to-consumer (social media, blogs, independent influencers, sharing product reviews), and consumer-to-brand (social media, UGC or user-generated-content, crowd sourcing, and more).

With all of these new technologies and media platforms coming our way, it seems that many brands have begun to believe that they should be involved in all of the latest trends in order to avoid being left behind. However, this may not necessarily be the best solution. For example, if your consumer is always on the go, writing lengthy blogs will not be conducive to reading on a mobile phone screen. On the other hand, if your primary consumer prefers traditional media who, for example, watches TV shows on TV, then tweeting isn’t really going to get to them.

What it really comes down to is the “old, drawing board method” of knowing your consumer and understanding what they want, need and like, and what their attention span is like, and then planning your communication strategy from there.

Dot Kite’s Communication Design and Experience services may give you an idea of what a strategically devised communication plan can involve.

Here’s also a big question: How recently have you checked up on your consumers’ web habits?

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