Building Brand value in the Airline Industry


Online and Digital new technologies create growth in almost every single industry/market, transforming the marketing landscape and the way companies and brands interact with their audience. Building brand value in the airline industry (like in other industries) means creating communities around the offering, the service and the experiences that lead to a strong, trusted relationship.

Especially in such turbulent times for the aviation industry, airline brands need to connect in a more meaningful way with their clients (either business or leisure passengers). In difficult economic times, people want to get more value for the less possible price. Therefore, airlines have a difficult task on how to engage new passengers but also how to keep their loyal customers as well.

Airlines must focus on the Total Consumer Experience (TCE) because customers will choose the airline that provides the best experience and overall value for money. For airline companies, the Total Consumer Experience (TCE) means designing everything including among others:

  • Service before, during, and after flights
  • Branding and Strategic Communication
  • Branding Applications (ground applications and inflight applications
  • Online Experience (Website design and Online Social Media Management)
  • Crew uniform and office corporate clothing
  • Aircraft Livery
  • Aircraft seating plan graphics

(see Velvet Airlines as an example)

Finally, airlines should not be distracted by economic, regulatory, safety, environmental and other external influences beyond management’s control and must maintain a vital emphasis on customer relationships and brand management.

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