Breathing life into your business through design


It was in the early 2007 when the first signs of the financial crisis made their presence. Several companies have been facing the danger of bankruptcy, while others have been looking forward to the opportunity for growth by taking the market share of the bankrupt ones.

It was unavoidable the impact of the financial crisis in the business world not to be transferred to people’s daily lives. As a result, there has been a growing sense of insecurity and loss of faith in the credibility of organizations that in the past seemed to be invulnerable, both in the governmental and business sector.

Under such conditions, people need a secure and stable environment, where creativity and innovation will foster evolution in a prosperous economic and societal context. At this point, organizations need to communicate that through their identity. By Re-imagining their Brand Identity and focusing on
Total Consumer Experience, companies like Apolis, will be able to strengthen their position and communicate this fresh air of revival with a strategic effectiveness and efficiency, reaching the right target in the right way; not only their potential clients, but their employees and business partners as well.

Therefore, now lays the opportunity to create into people’s consciousness the image of the organization that nurtures a fertile ground for prosperity. And design has the essential role towards this direction. It is not a question of whether you can, but whether you want to leave your corporate fingerprint in the business world; and in Dot Kite we achieve the best business result combined with the most aspired aesthetics.

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