Breaking the design rules


In graphic design and design in general, at first you have to learn the traditional evolved rules, which have been established to ensure consistent and usable design. None of us designers can skip that first step. We always keep these rules in mind and ask ourselves how to create something which achieves the right balance between unity and tension (in this strict system). But do we have to strictly follow these instructions?

The unusual graphic design of the American Type and Art-Directors in the sixties and seventies established a new point of view about working with pictures and typography. It seems that they did not abide by any rules. By doing so they highly influenced the opinion of the european design community about the norms: you are allowed to break the rules, but always keep them in mind as a frame of reference so you know exactly why you break them. Probably one of the best examples for breaking the rules is David Carson. Carson just designed how it was suitable for him. He says that he never ever learned any rules to become a better designer. Maybe that is true, and the reason why he creates things in his own style.

I believe that he has followed the most important rules in graphic design: Think before you create, be concerned with the content of what you are creating and always think about the ones who will be observing your product in the end. In essence, this is what we are aiming at Dot Kite. We think what stands is the awareness that the definition and the creation of an own design culture is an individual process, that requires us to break the rules, so that we are able to deliver distinguished design solutions and achieve the best result for our clients and their consumers.

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