Branding: Creating Exclusive Food Design


Fast moving consumer goods can be branded, but how do you make one exclusive? I’m not talking about your grade A brand of butter, but something beyond this standard. I mean something that is not a part of a multinational such as Unilever, but something so exclusive that it can only be hand crafted.

In that case, would there have to be a new name? Handicraft is not necessarily fast. It takes time to do things right with the utmost care for quality. At any rate, we would like to attest to the total control over quality, design, and branding that can create not a grade A brand, but something exclusive.

The value added in design, craftsmanship, branding and overall quality can elevate an ordinary product into something special. Take the case of acorn-fed Iberian ham, for example. If you go to the stores that offer such ham, you will find yourself paying as much for a leg of ham as an intercontinental flight.

You can also look at certain brands of cheese, pesto, and wine, for example. Of course you can come up with some brands In these, and many other cases, it is possible to create a world famous brand using skilled craftsmanship, quality design, and the right brand identity. A few examples of exclusive (as opposed to top) brands are:

So, are you in the food industry? Do you think you can add extra value and create an exclusive brand? Of course you can. It just requires the right ingredients, craftsmanship, and branding so that you will have customers flocking to you to taste the glorious gastronomical quality food that you created.

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