Best Hotels in Amsterdam have Best Design | pt. 3


When the economy picks up again, hotels in Amsterdam should expect an increase in visitors from all backgrounds. On another note, the number of visitors from emerging economies will increase at a higher percentage than those from the traditional nations, but even though the percentage is high, the absolute increase is still relatively small. The biggest comfort for hotel owners in Amsterdam are the big spends. Who the big spenders are is discussed later, but what these visitors want is a high quality Total Consumer Experience (TCE).

Due to the positive change happening, the local government in Amsterdam wants to stimulate an increase in the number of hotel rooms the city offers to compensate for the increasing trend of visitors to Amsterdam. With an economy that is picking up, more visitors will want a Total Consumer Experience (TCE). Designing a hotel in such a way makes a hotel stand out from the rest and generates positive word of mouth.

The big spenders are not the same as the ones with the most money. The boomer (both young and old) generation has 50% of spending power, but the old boomers and empty nesters are the ones who spend the most on hotel stays. They are the ones who really want to enjoy themselves and go for the Total Consumer Experience (TCE). You cannot forget the needs of the young boomers, who have the most spending power, because before you know it, they will be in the next stage of their lives; living the life of luxury.

So, what the information is pointing at is for Amsterdam to watch out. The city needs more hotels and ones with a Total Consumer Experience (TCE) such as ones designed by Dot Kite in order to fulfill the needs of the customer.

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