Best Hotels in Amsterdam have Best Design | pt. 2


As we already mentioned, Amsterdam’s hotel guests are visitors from all over the world and stay for many different reasons. Like any metropolis, Amsterdam has a wide variety of hotels on offer. These can be anything from a backpacker’s cheap sleep, to five star luxury hotels, to boutique hotels. It is especially at the latter where guests feel a unique Total Consumer Experience (TCE). So, let us now take a closer look at the hotels themselves.

Amsterdam really has a lot of hotels. At the moment of writing this article, there are 369 hotels in the city. The numbers of three, four, and five star hotels are as follows:

  • Three Star Hotels: 140
  • Four Star Hotels: 88
  • Five Star Hotels: 18

These hotels should be designed with the guest in mind. Nowadays, there are three star hotels that already take design into their business. This hotel design is made so that they can stand out and compete with rivals in higher star categories while trying to offer a lower price. This is not to say that a three star hotel is better than a four or five star hotel, but in general, what was once called a three star hotel, may not be able to get a single star today.

Besides the normal hotels, visitors can also stay at boutique hotels, of which Amsterdam has 12. These hotels offer a better design experience. These can have different star ratings, but the way they stand out is that they all have a better service and more attention to design. Though, the majority of them lack unique Total Consumer Experience (TCE).

Therefore, here at Dot Kite, we preach that designing the Total Consumer Experience (TCE) is not only necessary but vital. This added value can generate more business in itself and also spur the most powerful marketing phenomenon of all, word of mouth, giving your hotel the highest RevPAR (Revenue per Available Room) imaginable. Feel free to review the case of Best Western | Hotel Selene.

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