Best Hotels in Amsterdam have Best Design | pt. 1


From the UK and the US to India and China, there are many international visitors, both tourists and business visitors that come to the Netherlands and stay at one of Amsterdam’s many hotels. They can stay at one of many hotels including designer hotels and go through a new Total Consumer Experience (TCE). Why, you may ask, is the term visitor being used instead of tourist? This is because the term tourist would exclude the 40% of visitors who are on business.

Most of the internationals who visit the Netherlands are from the UK, the US, and Germany. The main place of stay for all international visitors is Amsterdam. Even though Amsterdam is a relatively small city compared to other high profile capitols, tourists flock from far and wide to experience the city’s unique aspects related to culture, history, canals, and of course, the unusual. They can choose from a wide variety of hotels including five star hotels, backpacker accommodations, or even one of several designer boutique hotels where visitors get a unique Total Consumer Experience (TCE). Here at Dot Kite we specializes in creating such experiences.

Business visitors, who make up 40% of the people who spend a night in Amsterdam, are not to be overlooked. They want all of the extras a hotel can offer, and a Total Consumer Experience (TCE) would fit their needs. Besides attending meetings, there are also a lot of congresses that attract these visitors and the government would like to increase the number of international congresses in the area even though Amsterdam already ranks high among other cities when it comes to hosting such congresses.

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