Argos Sibinga Petroleum | before and after


Dot Kite | Lab has recently designed Total Consumer Experience for Argos Sibinga Petroleum in order to create a solid brand image and to help the client in the international energy market.

In this post we show you how we transformed Argos Sibinga Petroleum. We invite you to have a look at the images below and understand how we added value to the brand of our client.

Brand Identity | logo design Before and After

Online Experience | website design Before and After

Powerpoint Presentation | Before and After

At this point, we would like to invite you to see the Argos Sibinga Petroleum project in our portfolio section.

Dot Kite | Lab will continue expanding its activities in the Dutch market from its Amsterdam office, offering Total Consumer Experience design, delivering profitable results and boosting its clients’ business. For more information about our services, further questions, comments and suggestions, please contact us at

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