Apolis restaurant design | before and after

09.11.2009 http://www.dotkite.eu/wp-content/uploads/2009/11/DotKite_Apolis_CaseStudy.jpg

Dot Kite | Lab conceived, designed, developed and delivered a remarkable concept for the standards of Athens city and Greece. Dot Kite | Lab transformed Apolis restaurant from an out-fashioned restaurant to a high-quality one, managing the whole Total Consumer Experience (TCE) project from the initial sketch till the end.

Apolis is located in the footprints of the Athenian hills, with an extraordinary view of the city from above till the shores of the aegean sea. We have named this new restaurant experience: Apolis Black. Since the location of the restaurant is above the Polis (City), the name A-polis explains perfectly its location. CMYK are four colours.

We invite you to have a look at the images below and understand how we add value to our clients’ ideas, creating viable and profitable businesses. Always in combination with great design solutions in every discipline.

Brand Identity | logo design

Interior Design | Before and After | view 1

Interior Design | Before and After | view 2

Online Experience | website design in alignment with the brand identity

Branding applications | business card & menu

At this point, we would like to invite you to see the Apolis restaurant project in our portfolio section and/or download Apolis case study pdf.

In the upcoming days a post will follow with the description of the way that Dot Kite | Lab worked on the Apolis Total Consumer Experience project, including timelines, written description and rich visual material.

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  1. And your comment module really sucks. Submitted my first comment and confirmation page said “unknown error”. Submitted again, and confirmation said “Duplicate comment detected; it looks as though you’ve already said that!”

  2. Dear Elneff,

    first of all I would like to thank you for your comment.
    Dot Kite was responsible for the design of the website and the owners of the Apolis restaurant are about to develop and have the website online as soon as possible. Once that phase will be concluded, we will notify you.

    Concerning the issues of the “comments”, we will try to figure out what might have caused the problem. I would like to apologize in advance.

    Finally, once again, thank you for your comments and we are looking forward to have more of your constructive criticism.

    Thomas Mylonas

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