Apolis restaurant design | 45 days to Total Consumer Experience

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Dot Kite | Lab transformed Apolis from a old-fashioned restaurant with a downgraded image to a completely new restaurant offering a superb-quality experience in only 45 days. Dot Kite | Lab managed this Total Consumer Experience (TCE) project from initial sketch to turn-key delivery. In our previous post we showed to you how Apolis restaurant looked before and after we were called to action. In this post, you will be able to follow the Apolis project step by step, from the initial sketch, till the 45th day of delivery.

Project: Apolis Black Restaurant; Location: Athens; Duration: 45 days (Concept, Design & Development, Construction)

The initial condition

The first sketch after Dot Kite team’s brainstorming

First plan view in CAD

Let’s bring it down!

Setting the ground for success

First steps of the main architectural elements

Let’s walk on it!

Working on the rocky wall

Working on the final details

Adding the furniture


All these 45 days we worked with great excitement for the Apolis transformation. As a result, its clients have the opportunity to enjoy a unique, high-end interior and benefit from the Total Consumer Experience, that Dot Kite | Lab is able to deliver with excellence like no other company. As in every Total Consumer Experience (TCE) project, Dot Kite | Lab managed to combine great design aesthetics with the best business result for its client.

At this point, we would like to invite you to see the Apolis project in our portfolio section and/or download Apolis case study pdf.

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